Ultimate Team: Squad Building Challenges and Team Chemistry – FIFA 17

The Ultimate Team is also very popular in FIFA 17 . With our tips and tricks we will explain the Squad Building Challenges and help you improve the team chemistry of your team. We also want to introduce you to the most important innovations like the FUT Champions in the Ultimate Team, so you can get started right away.
FIFA 17 Ultimate Team: All new features in FUT

One of the most popular modes in FIFA 17 Coins Hack is the Ultimate Team. Build your own club, invest coins in packs or players on the transfer market, and play games against other clubs. This year, the mode is extended by the so-called FUT Champions. You are wearing KO tournaments and qualify in the best case for the Weekend League , where you can receive exclusive bonuses as a reward.

Also new are the Squad Building Challenges , which put your skills as a trainer to the test. Under certain conditions, you create teams in the context of challenges, for which you will also be rewarded with exclusive players or packs. More tips you can find below.

You’ll also find new FUT jerseys and legends (Xbox exclusive) that you can use to build your Ultimate Team. We provide you with tips and tricks for the Squad Building Challenge and team chemistry.

Squad Building Challenges in the Ultimate Team

The new Squad Building Challenges are risky, but can bring you unique rewards. So there are special player cards that you can only win in this mode for your team. However, you must sacrifice cards and entire teams to complete the challenges.

If you do not risk anything, you can not win anything. Therefore we would like to give you a few tips on the Squad Building Challenges , so that you can maximize the yield with as few coins as possible.

Maximum bet : To complete Squad Building Challenges , you must place cards and sometimes entire teams and sacrifice them. You will not get it back later – keep that in the back!

Watching the difficulty : You can preview the prerequisites and objectives of the challenges. Check your chances of winning, and then decide if you can really survive the Squad Buidling Challenge .

Profit <stake? : You can usually see the rewards. Only occasionally, player cards are unknown. So calculate for how much coins you would have to buy new players or packs and then look at the win. Sometimes, the use can exceed the yield if the requirements are too difficult.

Use non-tradable players : If you start the FUT mode, you will be given a random team of bronze players. If you sell these, you will not receive any coins for the cards. The same also applies to gift sets by EA o.Ä. Use these players for the challenges, as they can not bring you additional coins anyway. Your investment is also zero.

Remaining time : Some Squad Building Challenges have a time window. If only a few minutes on the clock, we advise you of this challenge. You usually need some time to secure suitable players on the transfer market. If you have made a few investments and the time runs out in the middle, you have the shopping quasi first time for free. Maybe you are lucky and can use the purchased footballers for a different task.

Old Iron : No matter whether it’s a team or a team, older players are better suited to the Squad Building Challenges because the price is medium to low, despite its strength. Young talents , on the other hand, may have the same value, but they also cost a few coins on the transfer market.

Team chemistry

Much more important than quality on the individual positions is the team chemistry . We recommend you to create a team with appropriate team chemistry as each position with individual class. The whole performance in the games is much safer and can also lead to the desired success with silver players. Here, too, we would like to provide you with some tips on how your team will work better

If you want to improve your team chemistry , you must take care of the correct position, nationality and club of your players. In addition, there is the role of the manager and the nationality of your manager. In the best case, all these factors are equal, but sometimes the same nationality or the same league is sufficient.

Keeping Positions : Sounds plausible? Many players in the Ultimate Team still make this beginner error and put their footballers on any positions. It makes little sense to put a Cristiano Ronaldo in the defense, because with his rating the overall strength of your club raises. So keep in mind the colors (red, yellow, green) below the player card – in the best case all are green.

Good neighbors: The team chemistry must be particularly good between neighboring players. A striker does not necessarily “left” with the goalkeeper. We recommend a healthy combination of the same league and nationality in your team.

Manager : Your manager should commit you to the end. This can boost your team with a bonus. This could be a fitness bonus or more available contracts. Nationality and league should also be the same if you want to improve the team chemistry.

If you follow these tips to your club, then you have a successful season in the Ultimate Team nothing more in the way. Also keep an eye out for special events, where you can pick up rare sets and players. These are valuable for your team and your account.