Nando’s Peri-Peri marinade in a bottle

If you know Nando’s then you know what Peri-peri is. For those who do not know: Nando’s is a restaurant franchise with bases in South Africa and international presence in more than 30 countries across the world. Peri-peri is the heart of Nando’s world popularity. It is more than a recipe. It is legend in a bottle. In a short and less descriptive way, Peri-peri is a sauce that has been developed in medieval Mozambique with their hottest chilli called the Bird’ eye chilli. The Portuguese foreign to the land, were carried away by the recipe. They used to marinade their chicken before they grilled. Of course they added their tips to the sauce. The South Africans also adopted peri-peri into their cuisine. In Rostenville in Johannesburg, a small Portuguese eatery called Chickenland sold chicken grilled with peri-peri sauce. Along came two men, Brozin and his friend Duarte who like the Portuguese got carried away but the exquisite and fiery taste of the sauce. They bought Chickenland, renamed it as Nando’s and started their business in all corners of the world. Nando’s chefs gave peri-peri several other new dimensions to make it acceptable to different culture and races of the world. Today Nando’s has re-evolved different cultural recipes with hint or dash of their peri-peri sauce or marinade or spices. From a Bangladeshi to a European everybody loves Nando’s food.

The best part is that Nando’s are distributing their Peri-peri in a bottle for a very reasonable Nando’s prices. You can check out Nando’s menu and prices in your relevant country website or in their official website  Nando’s sell three kinds of peri-peri products in a bottle like Marinades, Sauces and Mayonnaise. Spices, Chips and even Peri-peri salt are also available at an amazing Nando’s menu prices.

Marinades: This is what they use on their famous Peri-peri grilled chicken. This product is used in generous quantities on chicken pieces and kept aside for few hours. Nando’s keeps the chicken marinated for one long day! The flavors of Peri-peri will be absorbed by the chicken; when grilled or cooked the pieces will be tender and succulent and will dissolve in your mouth bursting out all the flavors of the peri-peri recipe. There are three types according to their level of hotness:

  1. Hot: Bird’ eye chilli, garlic and lemon are the main ingredients.
  2. Medium: the sub-types are Portuguese BBQ and garlic.

Extra mild: Garlic, herbs and lemon along with Bird’s eye chillies creates an exotic flavor.