Mario but with multiplayer features and more coins

New Super Mario Bros is the sequel to New Super Mario Bros which in turn is just like all the other Mario sidescrollers. In it the eponymous Mario brothers must save Princes Peach from Bowser, because original ideas are hard and not necessarily as profitable. The heroes must jump and run right through the Mushroom Kingdom to get to the end castle. All is rendered in 3D by the 3DS.

New Super Mario Bros 2 Multiplayer

New Super Mario Bros 2 sees the return of multiplayer co-op. So if you and a friend both own a 3DS and a copy of the game each and stand close together you can complete levels together. Jumping in and out of each other’s saved games is possible also. There is also a Coin Rush mode where players compete to collect the most coins across three random levels with only one life.

Coins, coins everywhere

There is more emphasis on getting lots of coins and using them to buy power ups. Every coin collected is also tallied online on the New Super Mario Bros 2 website. The coin rush gameplay also has a feature where you can try to beat strangers in the areas coin rush high score making it almost a Mario brothers Xbox one feature.

It is not terrible and it is not great, what New Super Mario Bros 2 is; is yet another Mario game, original thought is in another castle. And it is very important