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Military Schools Navy Exchange

The Navy exchange was established for the dual purpose of supplying authorized customers with quality goods and services and also to support quality of life programs for members of the military, military veterans, reservists and their families. Since the organization is self sufficient, there is no tax payer funding for it.

NEXCOM at Virginia Beach, VA is the headquarters of the Navy exchange with 344 stores world wide and even a 173 ship stores. In the year ended 2003, the organization generated a whopping
2.1 billion dollars in sales, a fact which would interest many young people doing a job search. A major chunk of this went towards Morale recreation and welfare  programs. So next time you buy that old navy tank top you know were that came from and where the profits are going to go.

Employing some 16,000 civilian personnel at both entry level non-supervisory as well as managerial supervisory positions, the Navy exchange, offers a benefit package including medical, dental and life insurance, a 401Kplan, paid holidays, vacation and sick leave and much more. The exchange is therefore an attractive proposition for a young person in the process of a Job search.

A person with prior service wanting to join the navy reserve an take benefit of the Montgomery GI Bill, which permits the individual to school or college curriculum full time while doing duty as a navy reserve and get $255 a month in addition to remuneration due. This can be in addition to any other educational benefits you may be entitled to owing to reasons of prior service or otherwise.

With regard to persons in active duty, Military pay scales are obviously different from those of a reserve, who are on part time duty. Pay for airforce personnel depend on several factors; such as length of service, marital status, where the member lives and his or her rank. Enlisted airforce ranks range from E-1, E-2 etc onwards and officers’ range from O-1, O-2, etc. onwards. In addition there are allowances and incentive pay programs that individuals may become eligible for.

Military pay for marines also varies with rank of enlisted, warranted or commissioned ranks. Pay for marines also differ as per the responsibilities shouldered. Pay grades are not always dependant
upon rank. Pay grades are administrative classifications used mainly to standardize compensation across the military services.