3 reasons kids will adore motu patlu games

No doubt that the characters of motu and patlu, left no stone unturned in striking the chords of children, the games will also achieve the same feat. The makers having realized the popularity and acceptance of the two characters, decided to come with collection of motu patlu games. The series contains total number of 12 games that are equally good and each game has different thing to offer. These motu patlu games are easily available to be downloaded form playstore. All the games are free to download and none involves charges.

3 reasons why kid will love them

  1. Favorite characters- since motu and patlu are two loveable characters of the game, kids would certainly enjoy playing them. The thrill is sure to get double when patlu is there to rescue motu due to his folly
  2. Funny tone- along with being entertaining, the entire series of motu patlu games is sure to give a lot of fun to children. Children are going to love the game and relish it throughout their “gameplay. It will be fun to handle both the characters in the game

Different missions- since all the games of the series are different, young minds will never get bored of their favorite characters. For instance “kill the zombies” game has motu and patlu teaming up to kill the zombies whereas in the “motu patlu to the rescue”, patlu has to rescue motu from some trouble. So kids will get to enjoy different variations of series.